Playlist: Alex Etchart & Vientos
X Arsenal of Sounds

Less than 10 days to go until the next Arsenal of Sounds double-bill event at Woolwich Works, featuring a Latin American music journey with Imperio Bamba and Alex Etchart & Vientos taking the stage.

Last week, we introduced you to the captivating Afro-Peruvian band Imperio Bamba. Today, our focus is on the act opening the evening – the groundbreaking Alex Etchart & Vientos. Led by Alex Etchart, a British-Uruguayan multi-instrumentalist, Vientos crafts a transcendental sound, blending melancholic tones of South American folklore with pulsating electronica rhythms. Their music also revives British Isles and Irish folk songs, infusing them with rich harmonies and edgy dubstep tremors.

Vientos is more than just a band; it serves as a powerful megaphone, amplifying voices that are often overlooked. Their music weaves together a vibrant mosaic of LGBTQ+ narratives and the memories of diaspora, all interlaced with multilingual lyrics and compelling basslines. Through their art, they encourage listeners to embrace their true identities and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

To offer a glimpse into their musical world and philosophy, Alex thoughtfully prepared an extensive playlist that showcases their Pan-Latin influences. Furthermore, they’ve shared a link to a recent radio show hosted on Voices Radio, where they explain the inspirations behind their soul-stirring music.


Enjoy the playlist + podcast 
and get your ticket for the event following this LINK!