News: Tune In (to BBC Radio 3) and Listen Up to Our Contribution to the (Music) Planet

It doesn’t happen every day; being asked by the BBC to play the tunes you like. So, we’re more than thrilled to have put together a 3-song mix for BBC Radio 3 Music Planet presented by Kathryn Tickell, one of the most recent additions to the BBC Radio 3 show schedules, and one of the few radio programmes featuring notes from the four corners of the world (and even beyond).

You can listen to our selection, including Italo-Brazilian, South African and New Zealander sounds and introduced for the occasion by the one and only voice of Rhythm Passport On Air, Deianira Iozzi, following this LINK.

And for a well-balanced world music diet, put on the agenda a weekly appointment with Music Planet: every Friday at 11PM GMT on BBC Radio 3. 

Whether it’s traditional Indian ragas, Malian funk, UK folk or Cuban jazz, you’ll hear it on Music Planet“.

Populous feat. Nina Miranda – Cru
BCUC – Nobody Knows
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Hope (Radio Edit)