News: Juanita Euka – Winner of LUKAS Vocalist of the Year Award

In three weeks’ time, Aurelio will bring his soothing Garifuna sound to London. Yet, that won’t be the only treat that we will offer you throughout the evening. Just one hour before Aurelio’s performance, another intriguing artist will make her appearance on stage and delight Rich Mix’s audience.

Many of you will remember Juanita Euka as the charismatic and magnetic front-woman of London-based, upbeat and Latin-sounds-inspired bands like Malambo and Wara, and member of the Afro-Cuban London Lucumi Choir. Still, the Congolese/Argentinian singer has already built a solid parallel solo career, which has allowed her to win the 2017 Edition of Lukas Award.

The annual Latin UK Award, which is “covered by more than 150 press, radio and TV outlets and over 8,000 web and social networking sites”, has reached its 5th edition, becoming an important acknowledgment for all the players embodying and popularising Latin culture in the UK.

So, we are thrilled to announce that Juanita has been awarded as the Vocalist of the Year. Two distinct juries (public vote and an expert panel) have assigned her the prize, and applauded her heartening voice and soulful interpretation of West African and Latin-influenced tunes.

Come and join us and hear her play at Rich Mix on the 1st of Feb 2017, Click here for tickets