News: Explore the “Berlin Bazzar” (June 2020)

We are always happy to spread the word about new “global” realities and projects whenever we can because it’s always a blessing when new ones spring up enlivening the interest in a particular region of the world with their passion and dedication.

Berlin Bazzar, which has launched its first issue back in February, is a new Berlin-based pan-cultural project shining a light on everything Balkan, Turkish and Middle Eastern.

Pay a visit to the ‘bazzar” checking out their website (, find them on social media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) and have a read at and a listen to the introduction they prepared for us, enriched by a very Berlin Bazzar selection of new and re-releases.

Berlin Bazzar (sic) is a new Berlin-based web/print zine dealing with world music, immigrant subcultures, global ghettos and parallel-cultures. 

We give voice to the Syrian refugee, the second generation Turk straddling two cultures, still a stranger in the land, the undocumented African immigrant isolated by a hostile legal system.

But music is our main interest. We  report on music from all over the world as it is reflected in the ethnic makeup of Berlin. Our principle is collage, rather than melting-pot. Multiple points of view agglomerate; we keep the frames of reference multifaceted.

For this month’s “Berlin Bazzar Picks”, we have selected songs from East Europe, The Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East, all of them new releases, or re-releases.


Dakhabrakha – Lado (from Alambri; 2020)
Frank London – Glass House (from Glass House Orchestra – Astro-Hungarian Jewish Music; 2017)
Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Shabash (from Fortuna; 2020)
Shantel – Bahcelerde Zerdali(from Istanbul; 2020)
Aynur –  Govend e (from Hedur; 2020)
Islandman – Dimitro (from Kaybola; 2020)
Baba Zula – Kervan Yolda (from Derin Derin, 2019)
Uzelli Elektro Saz – Yirminci Asrin Bozuk Düzeni (from Uzelli Elektro Saz, 1976-1984; 2020)
Nemanja – The Fool (from Tarot Funk; 2020)
Omar Souleyman – Ya Bnayya (from To Syria, With Love; 2017)