Playlist: Mulele Matondo x Arsenal of Sounds

The first appointment of 2023 with Arsenal of Sounds is getting closer and closer. We are two weeks away from an Afro-infused evening showcasing the sacred rhythmic fire of Matondology RIOT and the smooth and soulful sound of Seby Ntege and his Band.

After having done the honours for Seby Ntege Band with this playlist, it’s time to shine a light on the second act performing on Friday 3rd of February at Woolwich Works.

Led by Mulele Matondo, Matondology RIOT is an explosive, semi-improvised live performance featuring top-notch musicians who are going to turn the Beanfest Space upside down with their Afro-funk, jazz, and dance-inducing beats.

On the occasion, Mulele will present the first release of the project, a live-recorded EP retracing the still short but very intense journey of Matondology RIOT.

So, it’s time to warm up your dancing shoes! Have a listen to the playlist he compiled for Arsenal of Sounds featuring fiery-hot Congolese grooves and get ready for even more fire in just two weeks’ time!


- You can get your ticket/s for the event following THIS LINK -