Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.31 – DJ Khalab

DJ Khalab brings you to Burkina Faso with a brand new mix saturated with loops, trance and transcendence. The Italian DJ jazzed up the rich Western African country’s tradition with sonorous colour; boosting the psychedelic character of his musical journey.

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Track List:
  1. Louo (The Farmer, Bwaba) by Bomberi Willoho
  2. Warri (Bwaba) by Bomberi Willoho
  3. Instrumental (Bwaba) by Troupe de Dédougou
  4.  Unknown
  5. Grand Ngoni (Dioula) by Moukoro Zakaria & Moukoro Mahamadou
  6. Kiri (Fulani) by Yehou Téré Sedou Baba
  7. Denke-Denke (Fulani) by Yehou Téré Sedou Baba