Mix: Uprising by Christina Hazboun (June 2021)

Now more than ever, three weeks after a ceasefire ended 11 days of air raids and shelling and the international press and media coverage has returned to its low hum, it’s crucial to keep the attention from wavering, and spotlight the daily sufferings and tensions borne by the people living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. 

As our habit, we want to do it with music, giving space and voice to sounds inspired by and supporting the Palestinian everyday struggle. So, we have chosen to share with you a mix compiled for Radio al Hara / Sonic Liberation Front by Rhythm Passport good friend and occasional contributor Christina Hazboun

In a mix of personal choices and gifted tracks, this mix brings together music and musicians in a stand with and for Palestine. Christina Hazboun invited artists from different walks of life to contribute a song from their own works or a song of their choice to dedicate to the Palestinian struggle for justice and independence.

These songs of solidarity come adorned with personal messages from Walid Ben Salim of N3rdistan (Morocco), Al Sarah and the Nubatones (Sudan), Dope Saint Jude (South Africa), and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh from Jerusalem in My Heart (Lebanon) and the London based Kefaya.

This mix includes exclusive unreleased pieces by N3rdistan, Love and Revenge and Mustafa Said and was originally conceived for the Radio al Hara Sonic Liberation Front program“.

CHEB – Fi Tabi’atin Ma
Nuri – Tie
Zeinab Shaath – Take me Back to Palestine (1968)
Alsarah and The Nubatones – Ya Watan
Sabreen – On Man
Dope Saint Jude – Dind’t Come Play
Jaffar Hassan – Palestinian
Mustafa Said – Intifada
Natik Awayez – Al Soor
Liliane Chlela – 2021
N3rdistan – Sajjel Ana Arabi
Guedra Guedra – The Arc of Three Colours
Sama’ Abdulhadi – Trinity أَلثُّلاثِيَّه
Kefaya – Intifada

Cover by: Ahed Izhiman