Playlist: La Fanfarria del Capitán

Prepare for an explosive comeback as they return, louder and lustier than ever! Following last year’s epic Choriparty, brace yourself for another mind-blowing performance of La Fanfarria del Capitán at London’s Post Bar for one unforgettable night before their electrifying Glastonbury weekend shows.

Fresh off the release of their highly anticipated album, El Cartomanto, this larger-than-life band from Buenos Aires is set to captivate you with their explosive fusion of patchanka, cumbia, Balkan beats, ska, reggae, and a plethora of other vibrant and colorful sounds. La Fanfarria del Capitán’s music is an electrifying blend of Latin American rhythms and invigorating Balkan styles that continue to inspire their dedicated global fanbase. Yet, their performances transcend the boundaries of music, offering an invitation to celebrate life, an impassioned embrace of the dance floor, and a wild journey brimming with limitless fun and positive energy.

Make a date in your calendar for their upcoming show on Friday the 16th of June, at the Post Bar in Tottenham. And if you’re heading to Glastonbury, don’t miss out on their four sets at the festival. Here are their dates:

  • Friday 16/06: The Post Bar, London
  • Thursday 22/06: Glastonbury Festival, Bimble Inn (The Park)
  • Friday 23/06: Glastonbury Festival, Bimble Inn (The Park)
  • Saturday 24/06: Glastonbury Festival, The Lizard Stage (Green Fields)
  • Sunday 25/06: Glastonbury Festival, Truth Stage (Shangri-la)

In the meantime, you can also enjoy an eclectic and very inclusive playlist curated for Rhythm Passport by the one and only Jero Cassagne, the lead singer, guitar player, and founding member of this high-octane band from Buenos Aires.