Event Preview: L-Gante @ PowerHaus (London; Friday, 3rd March 2023)

L-Gante returns to Europe. On Friday 3rd March, the Argentinian rapper will perform at PowerHaus in Camden but his 2023 tour will also bring him to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Spain where he will play five dates in different locations. 

In the past three years or so, an exciting movement coming from Buenos Aires captured the attention of global ears and gained widespread recognition: cumbia 420. The Americanised name is a direct reference to the international Marijuana Day (April 20th) and therefore to the importance of drugs for the artists in the scene, but the music is deeply rooted in its Latin American context. 

Alongside L-Gante, trappers and rappers like Perro Primo, DT. Bilardo, EL NOBA – and to a certain extent, but working on a parallel line, artists like WOS, TAICHU, Paulo Londra and Nicki Nicole – mixed cumbia, reggaetón, corridos tumbados (a Mexican subgenre) and other regional folklore genres, with electronic elements aligning with more globalised sensibilities. That cumbia 420 is by- now so widely popular is also confirmed by the fact that there are at least 3,000 playlists on Spotify dedicated to the scene. 

L-Gante is definitely the most prominent of the 420 crew: he began producing music as a teen and now, almost 23, he boasts chart-topping singles able to reach millions of streams in under a year. This month he released “Gusty DJ | L-Gante – Session en el barrio #8”, the latest single from the “Session en el Barrio” series by Gusty DJ with different artists. The music video integrates clips from street parties and celebrations – if this is the mood, PowerHaus on Friday 3rd March will be a blast.



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