Hit The Road Music Studio: Tasuta N-Imal

We are excited to host a new monthly section on Rhythm Passport curated by the nice people, travellers at heart and music lovers at Hit The Road Music Studio

In 2018, they hit the road from Poland to Morocco on their “magic bus”, a fully equipped caravan with professional studio recording equipment as well as cameras, to film and record live sessions with local musicians.

Check out the latest episode of their adventure and get the good music rolling…

Tasuta N-Imal means “future generation” in Amazigh language. The band has at its heart the ambition to transpose in music the history, values, and way of living of nomadic and desertic groups and highlanders of Southeast Anti-Atlas, passing them on to the next generations.

The repertoire of the band is characterized by the incisiveness of their sound, which is inspired by the diverse musical heritage of the Southeastern Anti-Atlas region mixed with desert blues and rock. The group embraced this kind of music to get in contact and connect with the world and expose a different side of their culture showing how their land is a homeland of peace and tolerance.
Their lyrics offer a deep look into the nomads and sedentary groups’ struggles, their evocative history, and their strong values of tolerance, love, peace, and resistance.
Tasuta N-Imal, in this respect, it’s not just a band, but it’s an expression of a lot of feelings. The musicians describe themselves as inhabitants of the Anti-Atlas region and employ the local style of music to create a mosaic full of different colours, so the public can understand the meaning of life in their corner of the world.
This is the loveliest and most colourful band that we recorded for now on our journey. It was pure pleasure to record with this young talented band and our family just got bigger and richer after the session.
Extra info: After the sessions, Kasia tattooed the band in a traditional “Amazigh” style

(Ady + Kasia – Hit the Road Music Studio)


Photo ©: Lahcen Ait Saadane