Hit The Road Music Studio: Projekt Kobieta

We are excited to host a new monthly section on Rhythm Passport curated by the nice people, travellers at heart and music lovers at Hit The Road Music Studio

In 2018, they hit the road from Poland to Morocco on their “magic bus”, a fully equipped caravan with professional studio recording equipment as well as cameras, to film and record live sessions with local musicians.

Check out the latest episode of their adventure and get the good music rolling…

Projekt Kobieta invites you to a female world of emotions and perceptions. Our music is a contemplation of nature through gentle sounds reaching for early music and folk elements.

We connect drums and flutes that are close to nature with the atmospheric sounds of the keyboards and bass guitars, while imaginative and simple lyrics allow the listener to briefly stop and reflect.

Through our music, we look for peace, simplicity and to slow down the pace of the daily grind living in harmony with our own feelings and beliefs.

We try to be as close as possible to nature, feel with all our senses and seek happiness within ourselves, instead of outside. And above all, we embrace the here and now, consciously immersing ourself in the moment”.

The band was formed in 2017 in Puszczykowo, in Western Poland and consists of:
Iwona Grenda (singing, flutes and some other interesting instruments)
Monika Mumot (keys)
Magdalena Andrys (snare drum and trumpet)
Anna Dawid (violin)
Jacek Chlebowski (bass guitar)
Judyta Skibniewska (djembe and cajon)

In 2018 the band was nominated for awards at Bazuna, the Poetic Song Festival in Olesno, where both their songs “Gliniany Dzbanek” (Clay Jug) and “Bieg” won in the lyrics and music categories.

In August 2019, the band recorded its debut EP Uciekając z Miasta (Escaping from the City).

While, in November 2019, the group took part in a competition organized by the Baltic Action Foundation with a song about migrating birds, which was awarded for its music and arrangement.

We spent a wonderful time with the band! They hosted us so well. We sat together until midnight and shared stories with them – in short, we became really good friends! We built a very positive connection with the musicians with sympathetic and positive vibes, and dreamy music. I really enjoyed mixing their music and we still have a fabulous relationship.

(Ady + Kasia – Hit the Road Music Studio)

Band links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zespolProjektKobieta/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zespol_projekt_kobieta/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5XTcoaUR5IWFgvArkohkKU?si=TJRoADTlQEiPDFD8DjAcDw 
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/projektkobieta?fbclid=IwAR38eYUniiQVfFgjzjgKTeq0sBEtLB-mrIpFQc5STLXwly3wiM3p-Dls-jI


Photo ©: Anna Kołeczek-Szyszło