Hit The Road Music Studio: Choque Sonidero

We are excited to host a new monthly section on Rhythm Passport curated by the nice people, travellers at heart and music lovers at Hit The Road Music Studio

In 2018, they hit the road from Poland to Morocco on their “magic bus”, a fully equipped caravan with professional studio recording equipment as well as cameras, to film and record live sessions with local musicians.

Check out the latest episode of their adventure and get the good music rolling…

A cumbia band in Kraków that will make an impact and give you musical shocks. Don’t let the Mexican wrestling marks intimidate you, Choque Sonidero is to the stage what lucha libre is to the rink: a display of musical acrobatics and a force that will hold you down to the dancing floor!

Perhaps the only cumbia band based in Kraków, their sound is a mix of Latin rhythms and good vibes. Formed in 2018, it brings together musicians from Chile, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Poland. Add to the mix a bit of ska and brass and you have an explosive groove that will hit you with lots of energy and spark up the need to dance. Note that cumbia is well known in Latin America as a freestyle dance.

We had a blast recording this tracks with this wonderful team of professional musicians. I still have tears in my eyes from laughing with them, truly positive cumbia power band, thanks for this great time! 
(Ady & Kasia)
Here are two videoclips that we created together:

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