Gallery: Arsenal of Sounds #6 w/ Olcay Bayir & Noga Ritter (Woolwich Works; Friday, 3rd March 2023)

It was another music night to remember at Woolwich Works.

On Friday, the 3rd of March, Arsenal of Sounds took us on a journey through Turkey and the Middle East, featuring two incredibly talented London-based singer/songwriters, Olcay Bayir and Noga Ritter.

The double-bill performance was a beautiful blend of Kurdish, Anatolian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African music, brought to life by Olcay, Noga and their musicians on the newly renovated Cafe Space stage. Our photographer, Tato Fonseca, captured the emotions and impressions of the night through a photo gallery.

However, there were some moments that were best captured through videos, such as the grand finale, a duet between Noga and Olcay.

Enjoy the gallery and join us for the next Arsenal of Sounds event, as we travel to South Asia for a double-bill welcoming on stage Lokkhi Terra and Bajabaah on Friday, April 7th, at Woolwich Works.


- Tickets for the event are available HERE -


Photo ©: Tato Fonseca