Gallery: Doña Onete & Saulo Duarte @ Rich Mix (London; Tuesday 17th July 2018)

It wasn’t the first time that we had experienced and enjoyed a Doña Onete gig, still, she blew us away. Throughout her latest London show – which was organised by Movimientos and Mama Sound and took place at Rich Mix on the 17th of July – her energy and kaleidoscopic musicianship caught us off guard once again.

Supported by her countryman, singer-songwriter Saulo Duarte, the Queen of Carimbó, a true legend of Brazilian music, brought to Shoreditch her latest album Banzeiro (released by Mais Um Discos two years ago). Seated on her earned “throne”, she indulged a sold-out venue with her smiles and joy, next to a great deal of effervescent Amazon rhythms and genuine storytelling.

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