Event Preview + Playlist: Nyboma @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Sunday, 23rd June 2024)

Despite being only eight years old at the time of the Congolese independence events 64 years ago, Nyboma‘s resonant voice has emerged as a defining feature of Congolese culture. On Sunday, the 23rd of June, a week before the anniversary of Independence, The Jazz Cafe will welcome the Kinshasa-born musician for a rare UK appearance.

Known for his distinctive voice, Nyboma has been a driving force in shaping soukous music for more than five decades. Whether through his solo efforts, as part of Orchestre Bella Bella, leading Orchestre Lipua Lipua, or collaborations with icons like Koffi Olomide, Verckys and Pepe Kalle, he has crafted hits such as hits such as “Double Double,” “Moyibi,” and “Asso M’bele“. His song “Nina” even featured on Barack Obama’s 2021 Summer playlist.

The event promises an authentic display of Congolese rumba, showcasing intricate sébène sections, groovy bass lines, catchy ostinato rhythms, and extremely danceable beats, all guided by a true legend of the style, Nyboma himself.


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