Event Preview: Dur Dur Int. @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Thursday 4th May, 2023)

Experience the vibrant and unique sounds of Dur-Dur Band International at the Jazz Cafe in London on Thursday the 4th May. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the “only Somali live music band in the world”, as they bring their brand of Somalian disco-funk to a global audience.

Their music reflects the rich culture of Somalia, featuring styles like funk, soul, disco, and dhaanto also drawing influences from popular musicians like Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Bob Marley, and Santana.

Despite the challenges faced by Somalia and its people, Dur-Dur Band remains a powerful and illustrative lens through which to appreciate the incredible sounds of Somalia before the country’s stability took a turn. With the recent re-issues of their music by the likes of Analog Africa, Outhere RecordsOstinato Records, and Awesome Tapes from Africa, Dur-Dur Band has found a new audience and remains as captivating and unmissable as ever before.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be transported to the 1980s and the legendary Hotel Juba, where the band first started, with its infectious rhythms and party-stirring spirit.


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