Daily Discovery: Yeko (Yohann Le Ferrand Yeko feat. Khaïra Arby) – Yerna Fassè

“Yerna Fassè” poignantly features one of the final recordings by the legendary Khaïra Arby, the “golden voice of Timbuktu”.

This vibrant Afro-pop and funk collaboration showcases traditional Malian instruments – desert percussion, brass, and Fulani violin – alongside Arby’s powerful voice. Her message champions a unified, peaceful Mali, celebrating harmony between ethnic groups.

This single was the first release in the Yeko series, meaning “perspective” in the Bambara language, curated by French guitarist Yohann Le Ferrand, and marked the beginning of a project that includes collaborations with other West African artists.

Released in September 2021, the single is available HERE