Daily Discovery: Yeko (Yohann Le Ferrand feat. Mamani Keita) – Konya

Mamani Keita, renowned for her unique vocal tone that embodies vitality, positivity, and humility, has joined the Yeko project initiated by Breton guitarist Yohann Le Ferrand. Yeko, which means “perspective” in Bambara, features a series of one-track collaborations with West African artists, each bringing their own story and authenticity.

Yohann Le Ferrand began his career in traditional Breton music, later incorporating global influences. Since his first trip to Western Africa in 2012, he has worked with prominent artists such as Salif Keita and Rokia Traoré. His latest release, Yeko (2022), features musical portraits of singers primarily from Mali and is available on streaming platforms.

Listen to and download the single HERE