Daily Discovery: WaCharie – Ndambakuudzwa

Zimbabwean Afro-fusion artist WaCharie (Tawanda Chari) returns with his latest album, Chidzorogodo, highlighted by the single “Ndambakuudzwa.” Drawing inspiration from music legends like Oliver Mtukudzi and Lokua Kanza, WaCharie skilfully merges traditional African rhythms like katekwe and chimurenga with contemporary pop and jazz elements.

The album, released on the 1st of June, features twelve tracks, including “Rwendo,” produced by Clive ‘Mono’ Mukundu, as well as “Chati Homu,” “Chadzimira,” and the lead single “Ndambakuudzwa,” all of which delve into themes of social challenges and the power of positive energy.

As a mbira player and percussionist, WaCharie performs with his six-piece band, Shamwari Dzerwendo, delivering music that tackles everyday struggles while championing hope, love, and morality. His compositions underscore the unifying power of music.

Despite a break from recording, WaCharie has remained active in Zimbabwe’s live music scene. His discography includes Bumharutsva (2018), Tangerima (2019), and the EP Dzeupenyu.

For more information, visit WaCharie’s official website