Daily Discovery: Vincent C. – Un chien et une bouteille (Clip officiel)

Vincent C. is an artist from New Caledonia who started his music career in 2013. Initially, he participated in various musical events and contests in La Foa, his hometown, before establishing his independent music label in 2019. Vincent gained popularity in New Caledonia through social media, TV, and local radio stations. His music promotes love, peace, and unity, and he describes his style as “Caledonian variety,” which blends reggae, rap, and kanak sounds.

Recently, Vincent released a new music video titled “Un Chien et Une Bouteille,” which portrays the story of a homeless person and raises awareness about the issue. All proceeds from the video will be donated to the Accueil MACADAM association to assist the homeless.

In early 2023, he released a new EP, and he is presently working on another, which will be available in June. To stay updated on his upcoming releases, check out his Spotify profile

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