Daily Discovery: The Zawose Queens | A Take Away Show

The Zawose Queens‘ music draws deeply from their Tanzanian roots, featuring traditional instruments like the chizeze fiddle, illimba thumb piano, and ngoma drums, alongside polyphonic singing. They blend these traditional sounds with modern electronic elements, and their lyrics in Kigogo celebrate their cultural and environmental heritage.

Pendo and Leah Zawose are the first women in their family to take center stage as lead vocalists and performers, continuing the legacy of their ancestor, Dr. Hukwe Zawose. Their debut album, Maisha, released via Rela World Records and produced by Oli Barton-Wood and Tom Excell, merges traditional influences with electronic flourishes.

Their performance in Lausanne, filmed by Vincent Moon for A Take Away Show, showcased their dynamic stage presence and pride in their culture. Captured just before their European tour, this performance illustrates how they effectively blend their rich Tanzanian musical heritage with contemporary influences, setting a strong example for other female artists in East Africa.

You can find out more HERE and catch them live on their upcoming UK dates in London, Womad & Manchester