Daily Discovery: Suat Armağan – Koçak Kakül

Istanbul’s own Suat Armağan Koçak, known for his explorative journey across genres since 2019, has just released his latest single “Kakül” under Hamam Records.

In this track, Koçak showcases his signature blend of contemporary guitar work and minimalist Anatolian music, set against the backdrop of urban narratives.

“KAKUL” features Koçak’s talents across lyrics, music, guitars, synthesizers, and vocals, with Emrah Esener and Miraç Yavuz providing backing vocals.

The song weaves a rich tapestry of hypnotic Anatolian sounds, reflecting Koçak’s style influenced by prog and psychedelia, and delves into themes of longing and admiration, highlighted by the repeated refrain “Ben seninim sen benim” (“I am yours, you are mine”).

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