Daily Discovery: Sean Dampte – I Dey Consider

“I Dey Consider” is the new single by Sean Dampte, an Afro-pop artist who started his career as a chorister in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to London.

The song, out via Awoodah Publishing, is a timely reflection of the concerns of Nigerians in the midst of uncertainties and buzzes in the country. It speaks to the thoughts and aspirations of individuals who are considering their options in life.

Additionally, Sean Dampte has declared his political ambition to become Nigeria’s president in 2027, citing the failures of the current leadership to meet the basic needs of the citizens. He believes he is the solution to the country’s challenges and desires to salvage the nation and “I Dey Consider,” may serve as an announcement of his foray into politics.

You can find more info and listen to the single following this LINK

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