Daily Discovery: Sari Seramor – Wild Woman

“Wild Woman,” the third single from Sara Seramor‘s forthcoming album Rise from the Ashes, draws inspiration from Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book
Women That Run with Wolves. The track, which merges feminine motifs with roots reggae, was crafted in collaboration with producer Markandeya.

Filmed in Tulum, the music video enhances the single’s blend of reggae and Latin beats, a hallmark of Seramor’s unique ‘medicine dub’ style.

The album weaves together narratives of empowerment and a deep connection to the natural world, mirroring Seramor’s transition from a career in sustainable architecture to her musical endeavours, and underscoring her commitment to environmental and cultural advocacy.

You can find more info on Sara’s official website: https://sariseramor.com/