Daily Discovery: Samuele Strufaldi – Tutte le cose dentro (Official Video)

“Tutte le Cose Dentro” is a collaborative track between Italian musician Samuele Strufaldi and Guéré musicians from Gohouo-Zagna, Ivory Coast.

The single, along with Davorio, the album it’s taken from, weaves the stories of the villagers through a blend of Guéré music, jazz, and electronica, with profits from its sale and a Go Fund Me page going towards building a community library for the villagers.

Davorio features 16 tracks that include traditional Guéré vocals and percussive instrumentation alongside sax melodies, electronic beats, and jungle ambiance. The collaboration was initiated by local djembe player Boris Pierrou and Strufaldi, who aimed to craft a record that would seamlessly blend all aspects of jazz, bridging modern contemporary styles with the genre’s birthplace.

Davorio will be available for purchase and streaming from May 5 via Musica Macondo. Get your copy HERE

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