Daily Discovery: Sam And The Womp x Natty Campbell – Rise Up [Jstar Mix]

“Rise Up” is the latest single from Sam and The Womp, featuring a collaboration with reggae MC Natty Campbell. The track blends electronic dance music with reggae rhythms, highlighting the diverse musical influences that characterise Sam and The Womp’s style. Produced by Jstar, the mix emphasises sharp beats and reggae elements, providing a fresh sound to the band’s repertoire.

Sam and The Womp, fronted by trumpeter Sam Ritchie and vocalist Bloom de Wilde, are known for their eclectic mix of genres, including dub, Balkan funk, and pop. The band gained prominence with their hit “Bom Bom,” which achieved multi-platinum status.

They continue to explore different musical styles, as evidenced in their latest releases, which maintain their signature energetic and vibrant sound. You can find out more HERE