Daily Discovery: Sabrina Bellaouel – Jah

Sabrina Bellaouel is a French-Algerian singer-producer who blends classic neo-soul and silken R&B with club electronics. Her music explores themes of love, faith, and identity and is sung and spoken in English, French, and Arabic.

Bellaouel’s latest release, Al Hadr, features collaborations with producers and musicians like Basile3, Crystallmess, Monomite, and Bonnie Banane. The album draws inspiration from spirituality, astrology, club culture, and self-love.

Born and raised in Bagneux, France, Bellaouel has a keen sense of history and culture, and her Algerian heritage and Muslim faith have played a significant role in shaping her identity and music.

Discover more about Al Hadr by following this link: https://sabrinabellaouel.bandcamp.com/album/al-hadr

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