Daily Discovery: Rafael Ponde – Salvador Meu Amor

Rafael and Pedro Pondé, two Bahian singers and songwriters who are also cousins, have released a single titled “Salvador Meu Amor” (Salvador, My Love) in honour of the city of Salvador, Bahia.

The song was created in an unusual way, through a WhatsApp exchange after a show by Pedro Pondé in Rio Vermelho, where Rafael made an unexpected appearance.

The song is a homage to the Pondés’ hometown and their musical heritage, which is reflected in the lyrics and rhythms of the track. The single is a declaration of love for Salvador, and is included in Rafael’s eighth solo album, Brazilian Reggae Experience, which will be released on April 28. 

Brazilian Reggae Experience promises to be a fusion of various styles of music, ranging from reggae, MPB, soul to original compositions, all presented as a mosaic of influences.

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