Daily Discovery: Qwalia – Vagherah ft Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Qwalia is a London-based quartet consisting of Yusuf Ahmed, Tal Janes, Joseph Costi, and Ben Reed. The collective of musicians is known for their experimental sound that blends psychedelic-folk, sophisticated funk, ambient, and avant-pop.

Their debut album Sound and Reason, produced by Tal Janes and Yusuf Ahmed, was released on the 23rd of March via London-based label Albert’s Favourites, and features a wide range of musical aesthetics.

Sound and Reason was recorded in just two days of completely improvised music, resulting in over 13 hours of music which was later consolidated into the final record. The album includes a sample from a live concert by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which adds to its unique sound. 

Qwalia’s music is deeply emotional, calming, and beautiful, as exemplified by their song “Vagherah”, which builds to a magical climax of acoustic guitar, wave-like keys, and ecstatic bass. The band members come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and their music unconsciously explores identity.

You can listen to “Vagherah” and order a copy of Sound and Reason HERE

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