Daily Discovery: Prince Fatty – MERCEDES BENZ feat. Shniece and Horseman

Prince Fatty follows up “Expansions” with a limited edition release from Lovedub Limited.

The London-based reggae wizard offers a 1980s rub-a-dub reggae style version of Janis Joplin’s 1970s hit, with alternate versions on both sides. “Mercedes Benz” features Shniece and Horseman, combining reverb, dubby elements, and funky riffs to create a unique sound system groove.

“This one has been a dubplate in my DJ box for a while… In these crazy times of excessive consumerism, it should remind us that life’s not all about the bling. I love the look of a ‘60s Mercedes though… Damn, if only the Lord would buy me one… Agh!!” (Prince Fatty)

Listen to and get your copy of the single here: https://princefatty.bandcamp.com/album/mercedes-benz