Daily Discovery: Pijama Piyama – El Autobús De La Fruta

Pijama Piyama, a six-piece band from Phoenix, Arizona, has released their latest single, “El Autobús de la Fruta,” from their upcoming EP Pijama Piyama y La Nueva Trova Robótica.

“El Autobús de la Fruta” blends salsa and son cubano influences, featuring a spacious acoustic arrangement with an acoustic piano and Cuban tres. The song captures Pijama Piyama’s passion and creativity.

Formed in 2019, Pijama Piyama consists of Jonathan Saillant, Pablo Bastidas, Jeanine Salmeron, Mert Salahi, Brady Saillant, and Ben Wise. Their music reflects the multicultural influences of their Phoenix upbringing, including Latin music, jazz, and video games.

You can find more info HERE