Daily Discovery: Penguin Cafe – In Re Budd (Strings Version) (Official Music Video)

Penguin Cafe is a British band founded in 2009 by Arthur Jeffes, the son of Simon Jeffes, the founder of the legendary Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

After a decade of performing his father’s music, Arthur has developed a distinctive sound that blends playful rhythms, exotic instrumentation, and sanguine melodies.

Penguin Cafe’s fifth studio album, Rain Before Seven…, showcases this sound with a sense of optimism that infuses each track, even during uncertain times.

One of the album’s standout songs is “In Re Budd”, a composition that features the band’s signature blend of instruments, rhythms, and melodies.

You can listen to “In Re Budd” and pre-order Rain Before Seven… out on July 7 via Erased Tapes HERE

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