Daily Discovery: Paz Aguado – Hombre Agua

Watch Paz Aguado‘s live performance of “Hombre Agua” in Formentera, featuring Paz on guitar and vocals, Patricio Felip on bass and backing vocals, and Cani Huertas on percussion.

Hailing from Valencia and now immersed in Formentera’s creative scene, Aguado crafts a unique blend of music and visual art, deeply influenced by natural landscapes and inner reflection. Her musical journey merges acoustic, folk, pop, and rock with a dynamic ensemble.

“Hombre Agua” is her newest single, following the 2022 release of her debut album Materia Sutil. This album explores the depths of the feminine spirit and the journey towards self-discovery, enriched with a diverse blend of percussion, vocals, flutes, and bass. It’s a poetic work that connects Eastern and Western thought, celebrating the wonders of nature, the essence of femininity, and the mystical.

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