Daily Discovery: Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna – Año Nuevo

Chilean singer-songwriter Pascuala Ilabaca and her band Fauna have released a new EP titled Alegriste, which showcases her bold experimentation with sound and themes.

The EP features five diverse tracks that explore the complexities of relationships, from playful interactions to violence and boundaries. Pascuala’s willingness to push boundaries is evident in her range of musical styles, from rock-inspired tracks to jazz-influenced songs. The album’s sound was created collectively with the band and produced by Jorge Abarca, with vintage textures and modern compressions.

Ilabaca mentioned that the EP is a reflection of her personal experiences and emotions, touching on topics such as playful relationships with friends, tenderness, violence, and limits, with the first single, “Estocolmo”, being dedicated to Stockholm Syndrome.

The latest single, “Año Nuevo”, is a vibrant celebration of friendship and new beginnings. The tune is characterised by a joyful and lively melody that contrasts with some of the other more introspective and emotional tracks on the EP.

You can find out more about and listen to Alegriste HERE

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