Daily Discovery: ‘Open The Way’ performed by Stefano Ancora at Chameleon drums&perc Studio

“Open The Way” is a unique musical project brought to life by a one-time collaboration between four musicians hailing from Italy, Tanzania, the UK and Finland.

The ensemble comprises Stefano Ancora, who lends his talents to the drum and percussion kit while doubling up as the music producer; Giuliano Modarelli, a gifted electric guitarist; Domenico Angarano, an accomplished electric bassist; and Kasheshi Makena, a vocalist and lyricist.

The song’s rhythmic framework and phrasing are deeply rooted in various West African drumming styles, showcasing the group’s appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the continent. The harmony section is a delightful mix of two different styles, where the verses take inspiration from Malian-influenced rhythms, giving it a very soulful and vibrant feel. On the other hand, the choruses have a more complex and “thoughtful” progression, demonstrating the band’s versatility in crafting melodies that transcend genres.

Furthermore, “Open The Way” features an eclectic blend of spoken and sung vocals in Swahili, English, and Sumbwa languages. These diverse linguistic elements provide a rich texture to the music, allowing the band to convey its message more effectively. The lyrics are powerful and unambiguous, delivering messages of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to the listener.

For further information on Stefano Ancora’s work, you can visit his Bandcamp page.

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