Daily Discovery: Odd Okoddo – Ochuya

“Ochuya” is a standout track from Odd Okoddo’s second album Negore.

Unlike the rest of the album, which primarily features recordings of Olith Ratego, this track began with a sketch by percussionist Sven Kacirek, allowing Ratego to build upon it.

The song fuses traditional Luo instruments like the odokko—a lyre crafted by Ratego—with modern elements such as marimba, vibraphone, and programmed rhythms. This arrangement enhances Ratego’s dynamic vocals, which convey a spectrum of emotions from anthemic to contemplative, exploring themes like love, destiny, and resilience in the Luo language.

Negore, translating to “petroleum lamp,” represents transitions and the beginning of evening, a period for celebration with dance and music. The album is set for release by the Leipzig-based label Altin Village & Mine in mid-May. You can listen to it and pre-order your copy HERE