Daily Discovery: Natalia Castrillón – Cumanday

Natalia Castrillón is a Colombian harpist, singer, and composer with a diverse background in traditional, classical, and experimental music. Her innovative approach to playing the harp includes percussive techniques and unconventional ways of producing sound, creating a rhythmic and dynamic sound that is both familiar and fresh.

 In addition to her harp playing, Castrillón is also an accomplished vocalist. Her singing style is emotive and expressive, often conveying deep emotions and stories through her lyrics. Her songs touch on themes of love, loss, and longing, as well as social and political issues and akes listeners on a journey through Colombia’s various musical regions.

Currently based in Helsinki, Natalia is a sought-after musician who transcends genre boundaries. Her music can be heard on her single “Cumanday” available HERE

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