Daily Discovery: Nadir da Mussuca e o Grupo Samba de Pareia – A Mussuca é um Quilombo/Vem Ver

“A Mussuca é um Quilombo/Vem Ver” is the standout track from Nadir da Mussuca’s latest EP, brilliantly showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Mussuca, a quilombola community in Sergipe, Brazil. With a history stretching back 300 years connected to sugarcane labour and mining, the song brings to life the traditions and spirit of the community, deeply rooted in their African ancestry.

At 75 years old, Nadir, revered as a cultural guardian, embodies and conveys the enduring traditions and vibrant ethos of her community through the Samba de Pareia. This distinctive samba style, entrenched in quilombola communities for centuries, is interactive and celebratory, characterised by paired dancers moving to the resonant beats of ancestral drums, symbolising resistance and communication.

The track encapsulates the narratives, struggles, and joys of the Mussuca community through its lyrics and melodies, providing an insightful portrayal of their daily life, traditions, and community dynamics. It paints Mussuca as a bastion of tradition, pride, and cultural identity, inviting others to explore and engage with its rich cultural existence.

Released on 30 May by the Brazilian label Aláfia/YB, the EP was crafted by Dudu Prudente, a Brazilian musician and producer now based in Belgium and managing the Longe Label, along with co-producer Pedrinho Mendonça. This EP sets the stage for the upcoming Nadir da Mussuca e o Grupo Samba de Pareia‘s album, anticipated for release on 25 July.

You can find more info about the project HERE