Daily Discovery: MUC Sound x Marina Peralta – Café & Spliff

The Savana Dub project, initiated by São Paulo’s MUC SOUND collective, emerged as a creative response to the unprecedented challenges presented by the global pandemic in 2020. The project aligns with the collective’s broader mission to promote sound system culture and reggae music, particularly focusing on the underserved communities in the outskirts of São Paulo.

In 2023, the collective released Savana Dub Vol.2, the second chapter of the compilation that represents a collaborative effort among 15 prominent artists from São Paulo’s sound system scene. The album continues the project’s tradition of addressing a wide range of themes, from social injustices and economic disparities to political discourse, across its 10 meticulously selected tracks.

Marina Peralta, a Brazilian roots reggae artist known for her fusion of reggae, rap, and soul, contributed her latest single, “Café & Spliff,” to Savana Dub Vol.2. In her track, Peralta delves into themes of positivity and self-reflection, blending roots reggae beats with Brazilian nuances. Her inclusion underscores the project’s goal of showcasing diverse interpretations of reggae and its relevance to contemporary issues, emphasising the genre’s ability to inspire and unite communities for positive change.

You can find more info and listen to Savana Dub Vol.2 HERE