Daily Discovery: Marcus Gad & Tribe – Long Way Home [Official Video]

“Long Way Home” is the second single extracted from Pacific-reggae artist Marcus Gad‘s upcoming album READY FOR BATTLE. The LP, which will be released on February 10th, will be published as collaboration between Easy Star Records and BACO Music

The tune is a good-and-proper love letter to Marcus native New Caledonia.

He explains, “I wrote ‘Long Way Home’ for my homeland when I was in a far away place and experienced the strong sense of being distant”. When he is away from his home, he often has vivid memories of it, such as “the smell of kava, the texture of the laterite gravel, the early morning light of his Pacific island, and the intonations of the Elders telling stories in the local dialect”. All these aspects bring him back to his homeland regardless of the physical distance.

You can listen to the single here: https://marcusgad.bandcamp.com/track/long-way-home

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