Daily Discovery: Mala Rodríguez – FLY GLÚ

“Fly Glú” is a highlight of Mala Rodríguez‘s brand-new album, Un Mundo Raro, exploring self-identity and defiance against societal norms. The track blends traditional Latin rhythms with electronic beats, reflecting Rodríguez’s heritage while using sharp, incisive lyrics to assert her independence. The gritty bassline and crisp percussion enhance her raw vocal delivery, reinforcing the album’s overarching theme of liberation.

Un Mundo Raro presents a narrative of freedom, integrating themes of gratitude, love, respect, and loyalty with urban rhythms and emotive lyrics drawn from Rodríguez’s experiences. Produced by Bull Nene, the 13-track album captures a journey from crisis to resolution, serving as Rodríguez’s personal manifesto of freedom.

You can find more info visiting her official website