Daily Discovery: Luís Capitão feat. Leonardo Pisco – Malandrice

Luís Capitão‘s debut album Vida Dupla, releasing on the 17th of May, features the lead single “Malandrice,” blending vibrant Latin beats with the melancholic strains of the Portuguese fado guitar. This piece stands out for the dynamic guitar dialogue between Capitão and Leonardo Pisco, weaving a rhythm that’s both dance-inducing and steeped in sensuality.

The accompanying music video for “Malandrice,” crafted by João Mota, immerses viewers in the scenic outdoors that fuel Capitão and Pisco’s creativity, seeking to encapsulate the spirited essence of their live performances.

Vida Dupla spotlights Capitão’s mastery of the Portuguese guitar and Pisco’s viola artistry, offering a pure, unadulterated listening journey.

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