Daily Discovery: Lo Poloko – Un Caprichito

Lo Poloko is a group of musicians from Mexican, Chilean, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese backgrounds who came together in Rotterdam. While their music is grounded in Latin styles, they are always seeking to experiment with new sounds by incorporating a wide range of genres, including rock, ska, cumbia, reggae, Balkan, and dub.

Their unique sound, known as Big Tropical Bang, is showcased in their debut album, Living la Covida Loca, which is set to drop in the fall of 2023. The album features 11 distinct tracks that draw inspiration from the musicians’ experiences during the pandemic.

“Un Caprichito,” the LP’s first single, was composed during the lockdown and blends mariachi and Balkan brass with hypnotic Latin grooves, and is available on all major music platforms and Lo Poloko’s Bandcamp page

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