Daily Discovery: Liberato Kani – “Música de la Diversidad de Jóvenes Cantautores”

Liberato Kani is a Peruvian Quechua rapper and composer who combines hip-hop with Andean, Amazonian, and Afro-Peruvian music.

He released his debut album, Rimay Pueblo, in 2016, followed by Pawaspay in 2021.

As a cultural activist for indigenous languages, Kani challenges stereotypes and inspires young people to reclaim their indigenous heritage, saying that “Quechua es resistencia” (Quechua is resistance).

He recently participated to the project “Música de la Diversidad de Jóvenes Cantautores” recording a live session at the Complejo Arqueológico Mateo Salado, one of the most representative expressions of the pre-Hispanic architecture in Peru.

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