Daily Discovery: Lee Fry Music -Pruebalo- feat.Madliv (Padma 2023)

Take a listen to ‘Pruebalo’ the latest single by producer, drummer, DJ, and event organiser Roberto Orde Casetta, better known as Lee Fry.

In 2015, Roberto established the Lee Fry Music project showcasing his diverse musical experiences “without borders,” with a particular emphasis on reggae and Afro-inspired sounds.

‘Pruebalo’ is the first single taken from Lee Fry‘s second album Padma (the Sanskrit term for the lotus flower) released on the 28th of February.

Despite his compositions are usually focussed on rhythm, prioritising drums and percussions, in Padma, vocals take centre stage. Six out of the seven female-led tracks feature indeed vocalists from diverse locations such as the Canary Islands, Turkey, Morocco, India, Serbia, Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, Namibia, and Canada, with lyrics touching upon themes such as trust, perseverance, love, and global and societal issues.

Listen to and get your copy of Padma HERE

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