Daily Discovery: La Yegros – Bailarin

La Yegros unveils “Bailarín,” the latest single from her fourth studio album Haz, set for release on the 29th of March via X-Ray Production.

Continuing her collaboration with producer Gaby Kerpel, “Bailarín” stands out as a deeply personal track that epitomises the modern folklore for which the Argentine singer is known. The song navigates the themes of letting go of love, rediscovering oneself, and wishing brightness for the other.

La Yegros, alongside Argentine dancer Alejandro Hernandez ‘El Indio Churo, brings to life the essence of Argentine culture through the dance styles of chamamé, cueca, zamba, and rasguido doble, making “Bailarín” a poignant homage to love and heritage.

You can listen to the single and pre-order Haz HERE