Daily Discovery: Korishanti – Prima del Temporale

“Prima del Temporale,” a track from Korishanti‘s second album “Il Sogno di Greta e Altre Storie…,” showcases the band’s dedication to socially conscious themes and musical diversity. Released in April 2022 by Zara Edizioni, the album reflects the Turin-based band’s signature style, blending pop, Italian songwriting, and folk with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.

Recorded at KrotaSound studio during the pandemic, “Prima del Temporale” champions environmental sustainability. It opens with a harmonic melody and gradually intensifies, calling for global efforts to “clean up the world.” The band’s distinctive sound is enhanced by eclectic instruments like the sitar and fretless bass, and the lyrics employ maritime imagery to symbolise the urgency of environmental issues. The song portrays a journey eastward through rough seas, suggesting a readiness for imminent challenges, much like the preparations before a storm.

Korishanti, formed in 2009 by sitarist Michele Campanella and singer-songwriter Franco Rapillo as an instrumental trio, has evolved over the years, enriching their music with powerful lyrics and a diverse array of cultural sounds.

You can listen to and purchase Il Sogno di Greta e Altre Storie… HERE