Daily Discovery: kokoko! – Motema Mabe

KOKOKO!, a music collective from Kinshasa, has released ‘Motema Mabe,’ a new single from their forthcoming album BUTU, set for release on the 5th of July through Transgressive Records. This track merges Congolese rhythms with electronic music, utilising traditional percussion and found sounds. Techniques such as distortion and looping enhance the sound, creating an energetic vibe that mirrors the lively and innovative spirit of Kinshasa’s nightlife. The song addresses themes of imitation and cultural appropriation, highlighting the struggle for artistic authenticity in the Congolese capital.

The album BUTU, meaning ‘the night’ in Lingala, is inspired by the nocturnal energy of Kinshasa. It combines traditional Congolese music with electronic influences to reflect the city’s chaotic yet vibrant night scene. This release seeks to capture the raw creativity and unique sonic landscapes of Kinshasa, showcasing the collective’s fresh approach to music production.

BUTU is available for pre-order HERE