Daily Discovery: Kimi Djabaté – Yensoro

Kimi Djabaté is a Lisbon-based multi-talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist coming from a Griot lineage. He was indeed raised in a griot family in Tabato, Guinea-Bissau, where he cultivated his musicianship and has gained recognition for his exceptional skills in guitar, percussion, and balafón.

Djabaté’s latest album, Dindin (which means “children” in Mandinga), is a heartfelt homage to his roots, capturing the complexities of contemporary life in Africa.

His music is a fusion of Afro-Luso rhythms such as morna and coladeira, electric desert blues, Afrobeat grooves, and Afro-Latin swing, which results in a unique and intricate sound. Through his music, Djabaté expresses his personal experiences and addresses universal themes like love and human connection.

The track “Yensoro” was the first single taken from ‘Dindin’, which was published by Cumbancha on February 24. The song delves into the concept of lost chances for affection and intimate relationships.

Kimi’s expressive voice is backed by the consistent beat of the congas and shakers, forming a heartfelt ambiance while he ruminates about the uncertainties of what lies ahead.

You can find out more and purchase your copy of Dindin on Bandcamp


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