Daily Discovery: Josefa Ibarra – Camino Hacia el Sol

Chilean-born and now Geneva-based Josefa Ibarra is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist whose music blends Latin American folk with pop and influences from her global travels.

Her solo career, which began in 2020, has seen her grace stages throughout French-speaking Switzerland, and she has just unveiled her debut EP, Vuelos 1, with Vuelos 2 set to follow.

Josefa’s music, which intertwines the Nueva canción style, jazz, and classic Latin American tunes, is further enhanced by collaborations with guest artists.

Her recent single, “Camino Hacia el Sol,” draws inspiration from the Andean huayno rhythm and was penned during a solitary journey. The song explores the theme of freedom, portraying life as a journey of joys and challenges but ultimately leading to liberation, “summed up as Hasta el Cielo el Eorazón (to the sky, the heart).”

You can listen to Vuelos 1 HERE